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Скачать файл Nobody Except Us v1.2.0 (Cold War 1.6.8) [English] (AS2 — 3.262.0) (v24.02.2019)
Доп. категории: Русификации, локализации, переводы; Cold War
Добавлено: 24.02.2019 в 14:29
Обновлено: 24.02.2019 в 14:29
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Опубликовал материал:
Разработчик: UPO Team.
Для игры: Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (3.262.0).
Для мода: Nobody Except Us v1.2.0 (Cold War 1.6.8).
Сначала установите мод Nobody Except Us v1.2.0 (Cold War 1.6.8), после мод English.
Topic: mоdification about events on Donbass 2014-2019. Dedicated to soldiers of ukranian army, their heroism & feats. The majority of heroes is imaged, but those, who really took part in ATO/JFO(Joint Forces) were renamed. Hierarchy of divisions is coincidence, but names and nominations of brigades and military corps are real. Information about brigades` taking part in ATO was taken from independent sources (Wiki etc). Mod was created to show real events and it here is no any propaganda of sepatism or terrorism.

Story of creating: the idea was made up when the fights on Donbass were active. At that time enthusiests created their packs for MOW (especially for MOW AS) about Maidan (Revolution of Dignity, EuroMaidan) and ATO (JFO). However, they posted screens and nothing else (except for some packs such as lowquality mod Ukraine War). In 2014 a new conversation about new mod was created in VK network, where patriotic Ukrainians had joined our project (unfortunatelly, these creators haven't worked yet). Work was started by creating our own public in VK, where little by little people, who were interesting in this topic, started joining us. Even so we didn't have some skills, maybe more scrupulousness and of course experience. So, our first version - (alpha) haven't seen world til 22'th March of 2016. In fact, our story and serious hard work was started from that day.
In 2019 our mod had already five versions: 
- alpha, dated on 22th March 2016;
- beta, dated on 08th July 2017;
- release ver. 1.0.0, dated on 13th April 2018;
- multiplayer release ver. 1.1.0, dated on 24th August 2018;
It also has more than 1000 fans in VK[vk.com], & more 700 fans in Facebook[www.facebook.com]. Also we have more than 20,000 (summarily) dowloads on mow-vtv site and on utorrent/Yandex Disk/Google Disk. After 13th April release our team decided to relocate our mod from pirate's MOW AS to license MOW AS 2 because of better potential and well-playing. Hense, oncoming development will be continuing at this base.
Base: officially, from 2015 we are an addon to Cold War mod, the link on it is in the "necessery items".

At this moment single has 4 campanies, you can play only for the ZSU, 'cause it's our policy. If you aren't agree, we don`t mind creating separate campaigns for the separatists, but these campaigns should be making and updating by yourself. We only provide you with rights to use our resources.
So, you will find yourself in the thicket of events that hot days, either 2014, or 2017, there is no matter where you are dislocated your group or armor, you must prove that you fight the enemy anywhere and at any time!

From version 1.1.0 multiplayer is available. Four fractions are available: Ukraine, Novorussia, USA& RF. You will surprised, why USA(RF is obvious) is, however we are only addon to CW, that's why these two fractions belong to CW, so we aren't allowed to delete them. Also, here lovers of L/DPR can play for their side. Moreover, playing this you will be keen on, because new special maps were created!

Now our team consists of 8 human(2 leading developers, 1 modelers, 1 mapmaker, 1 co-worker, 1 tester, 2 skinmakers), however work and support connection only those, who are specified in the graph "authors/developers". So, you can adress these people if you have questions/propositions. Nonofficial name of our team - UPO Team (Ukranian punitive operation Team), was imaged by former developer in 2017 and alive nowadays.
Установка: распаковать в папку mods. Подключить в настройках игры.
Источник: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1496225173
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